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Whether you are a developer or an advanced user, we have several resources to facilitate the use of Hiyalife as a content management platform - to build a better experience for your applications, your web pages or your blogs.

Hiyalife Widget

You can embed any Hiyalife timeline in your webpage, to navigate and see stories as you would see them in your Hiyalife web feed. Our widget works in any web and/or mobile browser.
More information about the widget here

Hiyalife API: hiyapi

Our API allows you to write stories into and read stories from the Hiyalife platform (bulk content management). Please contact us for further information around the type of content you can import and the user and stories data you can export.
Email us at

Hiyalife WP Plugin

A Hiyalife timeline can be the natural extension of your WordPress blog in two ways:
  1. Seamlessly add your blog post into a Hiyalife timeline, with a simple setting option in your WordPress blog.
  2. Simultaneously embed a Hiyalife timeline into your WordPress page
More information about our WP plugin here